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After my first exhibition I realised that if you are not used to visiting art exhibits you´ll need a whole
lot of courage to enter one.

And somehow Finnish grown ups are unsecure
if they have to feel things rather than use their logic. Also ordinary gallery exhibits were too slow
to organize and I was´t familiar with a classic art scene.

So I started my Alternative Gallery -series.

First one was Nature Gallery called The End Point which started at 10.4.2009 and with in you are able to locate three different works by following GPS coordinates.

Place one: "Holy men"
Place two: "Boots"
Place three: "Barned"


Galleria Valkee & Harmaja
(White and Grey Gallery) was mobile, wearable art exhibition.

Being entirely portable and self-sufficient, it was possible to set up this gallery anywhere. It combined performance art, gallery, workshop, and zen meditation.

Test round (25 minutes):
May 14th 2009 at Finlayson Siperia square

First round (several places): June 4th 2009 around city of Tampere and in the same evening restaurant exhibit which included video about days exhibit locations, gallery presentation (how it works), copies of ink drawings with texts (as free gifts) and music show from a fabulous Rumba Tre.

Second round (several places): August 6th 2009 around city of Tampere in Tampere Theathre Festival (not in official programme).



This was a Poster Gallery including Live Drawing performance with a band. There were 5 different posters about a gig around city of Tampere.
Each poster included one ink drawing with text, Art is not a race -pamflet and information about the band.

Concert and live drawing took place in July 20th 2009 in Thethre restaurant Telakka and it was official programme of Tampere Flamenco Happening.

Band was the fabulous Rumba Tre and gig was sold out.

Great thing was that for few moments I was a band member with my ink and paper.

 posters around city of Tampere

 live drawing with Rumba Tre



In autumn 2008 I started to draw with ink on a daily basis.

In november 2009 I organized a one night exhibit of 329 and one ink drawings.

There were also three musical versions of Erik Saties Gymnopédie No.1 .

That song brings tears to my eyes everytime and I do not know why.

The night exhibit was short but very artfull.

 exhibition overview

 first version

 second version

 thirth version




When I was asked to do graphic design to a jazz-CD I thought there is no reason why CD-graphics couldn´t be art galleries by themselves. So I decide to do series of CD covers as my Alternative Gallery number five.

I have finished two covers so far and I´m not sure is that enough to call this series a gallery.

I may have to continue.




This was a gallery which had to be ready before Gallery 234 was opened.

This alternative gallery was kind of repetition, because I had already done similar exhibit in the late 90tees.

But this was good fysical exsercise and it was great method to observe the rules of public poster stands. These stands are so lively and there are so many layers and strategies. I have always loved poster stands.

 locations of poster stands




(starting 11.6.2010, open 24/7)

Renovated guardian lodge in Tampere city centre.

One house arty-work with mural paintings,
texts, acrylic glass, willow, old wood, lost and found fabrics.

In co-operation with Jari Majanen
and Valkee & Harmaja.

 Location by Google