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Quiet Spot

Shipping artwork around the world is expensive. Everyone should have the possibility to print out their own exhibition from a file using a regular office printer, to a scale that suits them best. This is the main idea of Quiet Spot.

The exhibition consists of a wall-mounted picture collage of drawings, as well as sculpture inspired by them. Materials are standard copy paper and recycled cardboard. The data file including all the artwork and assembly instructions can be sent by e-mail, printed and exhibited anywhere in the world in a chosen scale.


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Murals of digital age

Sound, light and time are Mark Rancor's materials. Feeling that automation turns our reality into something too sharp and edgy, he utilizes errors made by the automated features of digital appliances.

According to Mark, meaning exists in our everyday life hidden in fragments so small and random that they go unnoticed. Only by recording some feeble coincidences you can perceive the big picture.

There's no need to understand, you just have to look around.



Galleria 234 - GROW 2014

P. Valkee and J. Harmaja use street art methods to construct their own art gallery. Each exhibition presents a carefully thought out concept, brought to you to explore and to be surprised by. The audience is welcomed to participate as they wish, without limitations.


In the spring of 2010, an abandoned factory guardhouse was cleaned of burned debris and junk, walls were painted, and the artistic process was able to begin. Every morning the artists were expecting to see  their work broken or vandalised, but to their pleasant surprise this never happened. Gallery 234 got its name from the floor measurements – 234 x 234 cm.
Since the opening of the gallery, the audience communicated with the artwork by filling the guestbook, cleaning up, decorating, lighting candles. Gallery 234 remained operational until the end of 2011.


A few years along, spring of 2014 saw the beginning of project Grow. Decision was made by Valkee and Harmaja to start all over again with a new agenda. Rather than an exhibition of finished artwork, this time Gallery 234 presents a procession of interleaving actions and art fragments that interact and communicate with the visitors. What the artists do is less important than what happens when they are not around. Visit Gallery 234 and leave your own mark: sweep the floor, move a rock, draw a picture. Valkee and Harmaja will respond.


Ink drawings of Petri Seppä are now available to a worldwide audience via web shop. Order your own high-quality art prints, signed by the artist. If you are interested in buying the original drawings, please contact the artist directly.


DARK REINDEER – the band

Dark Reindeer is a mosaic of sound and picture made by three artists; Lahtinen, Ahonen and Seppä. Every performance is an unique entity. Basis of the performance is the arbitrary mixture of time, space and rhythm. When these three parts come together, new audiovisual entities emerge. The piece of art is not rehearsed, but it is made out of nothing and it returns to nothingness after each presentation.



Artist Atte Kumiorava studies the essence of existence. He explores questions like: ”does a work of art exist at all if there is no physical evidence or perception about it?” At this very moment you may unwittingly form a part of Kumiorava's next project.
Kumiorava is inspired by zen meditation and the minimalism of John Cage. Taking his conseptual nihilism to a certain pinnacle, Kumiorava blurs to the extreme the boundary between artwork and its surroundings. By keeping an open mind, you may sense a glimpse of his piece called ”____”.

Atte Kumiorava is a tortoise instructor and couch potato par exellence. His most celebrated work”0” was installed without official permission to Senaatintori square in Helsinki. As of yet, nobody has been able to find it.